Dress Up Games

What is one of the main things that almost every girl is crazy about? Of course, clothes! The tender gender loves dressing up and astonishing everyone with their fancy looks. Women can spend hours shopping and choosing just the right pair of shoes or deciding which color of the dress to pick out of two in stock. They adore reading fashion magazines and following the trends. And that's a good thing because it makes the world a more beautiful place. If you share that point of view, welcome to our amazing dress up games that will surely keep you occupied for a long time!

TikTok Girls Vs Likee Girls


Covet Fashion Dress Up Game

Choose a perfect outfit!
There is a lot of work for every fashion designer here. On the screen you will see your heroine who is waiting for you to turn her into a super model. For that purpose, you have a vast wardrobe full of all possible clothes. Inside you will find a broad selection of cocktail dresses and night gowns, office blouses and short skirts, common jeans and glamorous pants. There are outfits for any occasion, be it an official dinner or a romantic date. And if you are going to a fashionable party, you just can't wear the first thing that catches your eye when you open your closet! You need to approach the choice carefully and try on a lot of options before you make a decision. 
Don't be afraid to experiment, try different combinations of the items you can see in the menu. You can never guess how a certain set of clothes is going to look on your heroine until you put this stuff on and see it with your own eyes! Some games also allow you to change the color and print of the things you selected, so you can come up with an even more impressive number of outfits. You just need to give way to your imagination!
A few final touches and you're good to go!
And of course your heroine needs a nice pair of shoes that goes well with the clothes you chose for her, a purse to carry her cosmetics, a beautiful makeup and a stylish hairdo. You can do all that in our great dress up games! Click on different options and see how they match the outfit your model is wearing. Don't stop until you decide that everything looks ideal. Add some great accessories - a pair of earrings, a cute pendant or a splendid necklace - and prepare to become that very lady who flows through the crowd making all the heads turn in her direction! Keep discovering new amazing outfits and images for your virtual heroines every time and enjoy this creative process!