Dont Starve Games

Are you ready to set out on a riveting journey across a land equally dangerous and enchanting? Then welcome to Don't Starve! You are going to find yourself in a magical world where you have to survive exploring the surrounding area, discovering new locations and facing all the exciting challenges and creepy dangers waiting for you here!
Explore the map, gather resources, build a house!

The game starts with you spawning on a picturesque and half-wild island where you're met by a pirate named Maxwell. He explains you the basics and also gives you a valuable piece of advice - to get some wood and make a fire. So you head into the jungle to gather your first batch of resources. Without spending much of your day picking up materials and providing yourself with food, you won't make it long into the gameplay. So make sure you always have enough of basic resources stocked up at your camp. And by the way, it will also be great if you could build it from a shabby tent into something more durable and safe asap. The nights are cold and dangerous here.
Eat well, watch your health and don't get mad at night!

Your character has three vital parameters that you have to keep and eye on. The hunger meter can be deal with by having a snack. The health meter will go down if you're hit by someone or exposed to extreme temperatures. With the sanity meter, it's more complicated. It starts reaching critical levels at night, when the jungle gets crawling with monsters, and you have to keep close to light if you want to avoid going mad. Start playing Don't Starve right now and enjoy your survival adventure!

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