Clicker Games

In our time, we are so busy with a large number of things to do and take care of, that when we have a free minute, we want to just sit back and relax doing something enjoyable and not too complicated. And that's where clicker games come in handy. They are readily available online and all you need to do to plunge into a fascinating virtual adventure is to launch the desired game on our website.
There are all possible types of entertainments on offer, but the most attractive thing about clickers is that you don't have to do anything else than just click your mouse or tap your smartphone screen to play. Wanna find out more? Then flip through this page and see what's waiting for you here! Can it be any simpler? Clicker games are a fairly new, but highly popular genre. What makes them so successful? Of course, the utter simplicity of the controls. There are no complex schemes to memorize, no sophisticated button combos to use for special moves and attacks. The interface is clear and won't take you long to figure out. Any action is performed with a click or tap. It may sound too simple, but this actually proves enough both for minimalistic arcades and serious strategies. You basically need just one hand to do all the virtual job and can use the other for anything you want - hold a cup of tea, talk over the phone or even do your dumbbell workout. One single click - and you're in the game! All kinds of games just a click away! It would be more accurate to call clicker games not even a genre of its own, but a broad category uniting a bunch of other genres. You can put any sort of gameplay inside a clicker frame and be totally happy with it. There are dynamic games where you need to control your character's moves, collect various items and fight hordes of enemies. You can choose any specific theme to your liking. Whether it's a classic arcade, high-paced runner, thrilling shooter or fascinating RPG, you can be sure that all of the diverse options will be conveniently packed into a one-click control scheme. Those preferring calmer and intellectual pastime will be glad to try out all sorts of simulators, strategies and puzzles that you can find on our site. Start your own business, learn cooking, try to get out of a haunted house or wage wars with your neighbors over the territory, all with nothing more than an idle click of your mouse. Virtual fun has never been so simple! Check out what we have to offer you and know that you are just a click away from an awesome adventure!