BlockuDoku Games

If you're looking for a totally new kinds of puzzle, it's time to get introduced to this incredible game called Blockudoku! It's a combination of a classic block puzzle and another traditional Chinese game, sudoku. This amazing hybrid is not only highly entertaining, but also extremely good for your brain.
The goal is to clear the screen by dragging and dropping blocks of various shapes into empty places and fill up the lines so that they disappear. It surely sounds familiar, but there is a catch. Instead of falling from the top, the figures show up outside the field and you have to decide on your own how to position them the optimal way to achieve your goal. You simply move them into  gaps as if putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Your task is to keep the screen clean without cluttering it with extra blocks. Keep eye and ability to focus are a must to succeed. The levels have increasing difficulty, so the tasks that seemed easy at first will get more and more complex. Perhaps you'll even have to pass some levels a few times. Check out how many of them are out there playing Blockudoku online and discover the wonderful opportunities of this innovative game! The difficulties will keep mounting up, so don't hope to just breeze through it!