Binding of Isaac Games

Binding of Isaac is a thrilling and atmospheric horror game where you'll play the role of a little boy whose mother is about to sacrifice him in the name of god. Kind of reminds you of an old Bible legend, doesn't it? Only in a modern interpretation. There are plenty of spooky moments and challenging trials waiting for you!

Binding of Isaac Repentance

There is hardly a person who would envy Isaac. His mother is a fan of religious TV shows. One day she began to hear the voice of the Almighty, who demanded to follow his orders to be cleansed of sins. First, it was necessary to take away all the toys from the little son, then get rid of the clothes, and in the end, kill her own child. Now the protagonist of the game needs to run away from his mother, who wants to sacrifice him. Hiding from the infuriated woman, the boy stumbles upon a door that leads to the basement, where he discovered labyrinths inhabited by the most terrible devilish creatures. You need to get to the salvation that awaits him on the lowest floor!
Ready to deal with disgusting and bloodthirsty opponents? Then start the game! At the beginning, you need to study the room where the evil spirits have gathered. Don't ignore boosters and upgrades, it depends on them how you complete the stage. You can pick up a bonus that transforms the character into a demigod with an incinerating gaze, or you can die on one of the original floors. Plunge into the incredible adventures waiting for you in Binding of Isaac and you will see that you've never played such a creepy game before!