Bed Wars Games

Time to unmake your beds and start the wildest pillow fight in history! Bed Wars are here to rock your bedroom, and don't even hope to get some sleep. Put your armored pajamas on, it's gonna be quite hot!
No sleep this night!

Imagine yourself in a dreamy realm, armed with a bed, and your mission is to protect it from all sorts of shenanigans. But here's the twist—your bed is not for sleeping - it's for surviving epic battles! In Bed Wars, your bed is your fortress, your castle, and your safe haven. It's like your trusty sidekick in a world where anything goes. Protect it at all costs, or you'll be out of the game faster than you can say "sweet dreams!" Forget about swords and shields - Bed Wars arms you with crazy weapons and gadgets that are as unconventional as they are hilarious. From launching fireballs to building fortresses out of chewing gum (not really, but it feels that way), you'll be cracking up as you fight to protect your slumber station.

And you don't go into Bed Wars alone! You team up with friends or fellow adventurers to create the ultimate bed squad. It's like a sleepover party, but with more explosions and fewer bedtime stories. Together, you'll craft weapons that would make Blade jealous, build fortresses that defy gravity, construct bridges that lead to nowhere (except maybe the enemy's base), and lay traps that are more devious than a puzzle box. It's a surreal world where beds are your lifeline, weapons are more whimsical than warlike, and teamwork is the name of the game. Get ready to dive into this wild and woolly adventure that'll have you dreaming of epic battles even while you sleep!