Game description:

In the game Restock, players step into the shoes of a store clerk who's notoriously late for the night shift yet again. This setup kicks off a tense night of task completion under the pressure of an impending encounter with a strict manager. Set in a store depicted with PSX-style graphics that evoke a sense of nostalgia mixed with suspense, players are challenged to efficiently manage their time and tasks to avoid getting caught while trying to leave the premises as quickly as possible.

Tactics and Time Management 

Restock incorporates a dynamic gameplay system where players must engage actively with their environment. Tasks vary in nature and complexity, requiring players to use a variety of controls like moving, interacting, and managing a flashlight to navigate through dimly lit aisles. The game’s control scheme supports a fast-paced style of play, essential for those who aim to beat the clock. For an added layer of competition, players can embrace the game's speedrunning feature, aiming to complete the night’s work in record time and potentially secure a spot on the leaderboard at This competitive edge adds replay value and a community aspect to the game, as players strive to refine their strategies and improve their times.


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