Friday Night Funkin

Game description:

We have prepared the best game for all music fans – this is Friday Night Funkin, a bright adventure of a young hip-hopper and his pretty girlfriend. Unlike most rhythm games, this one has a plot. You play for a youngster with blue hair that visits his lady at a Friday night. Both of you are great fans of music, so Girlfriend (this is her name) turns her massive huge speakers on and you enjoy amazing beats. However, your pleasure is being ruined in a moment – her dad comes back home all of a sudden. He is not an ordinary dad and a fan of music, as you are. He challenges you for a music duel, so get ready for a hot battle!
During the battle, you need to follow the rhythm of the song and drop cool lines, trying to overplay and beat your opponent at all costs. The gameplay is similar to an Asian dancing game known as DDR – there are arrows flying on the screen and the music with particular moments, where those arrows fit. You will find out about these moments by their movement – when the arrows reach a spot on the upper side of the screen, you need to press the right button on your keyboard. Make sure to do that on time, don’t miss the arrows, and try not to press the buttons too early. There are numerous rivals to deal with – monsters, demons, other rappers, and more. You will have to show your musical mastery to them all and win the battles! Prove that you can grove like a party king, impress your Girlfriend, and start feeling music better than ever. The game is a real treasure for everyone in love with melodies and rhythms. Have fun and get through all the obstacles to win everything – admiration, fame, and enjoyment, of course!


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