Apocalypse Games

The world is in ruins, but people keep on doing attempts to survive! In this apocalypse games section, you will become one of them. The plot of every title of this kind is centered around a catastrophe – be it a zombie attack, alien invasion, nuclear war, or any other disaster.

The Expanse: A Telltale Series


State of Survival: Zombie War

Being one of the last people on earth, you will do your best to survive alone or as a member of the group. The uploaded titles will transfer you into a tough and half-empty world where the resources are more valuable than gold. You will see how people change when they lack safety, food, and water. This is a plot you must outlive at least once in your life! Also, there are apocalypse titles where you are building the new future and trying to revive the humanity. However, most of them are pretty brutal and require fast decisions, merciless, and precise planning of your actions. Help your comrades to stay unharmed, fight with bloodthirsty monsters, build shelters, gather weapons, find resources and try to stay human in the conditions like these. Will you overcome the horrors of a dying world? Will you keep the hope in your heart even when everything is falling down? Outlive all of these thrilling and unusual stories and see.

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