Among Us Games

The game Among Us will make you trilled and excited, especially if you like sci-fi, detective stories, and high pressure. This is a real masterpiece with a smart plot, numerous challenges, and unusual gameplay. Read on to learn more and get ready to start your space journey.
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Impostor Assassin


Survival 456 But It's Impostor


Survival Game - Impostor 3D

What is waiting for you in this title? You will take part in a story of betrayal, real cooperation, and high technologies. Hard decisions will be made on every step and friends will turn out to be enemies all of a sudden. Get ready to show your intuition, intellect, and readiness to make serious steps. The game depicts a team of astronauts that are real cosmic investigators. Their next adventure is going to be tougher than all the previous ones. Not only because they are flying to the distant unknown planet where everything can happen. Also, the danger is inside their team. At least a half of its members are evil betrayals, ready to do everything is order to make this noble mission fail. Each player gets the role randomly before the game starts and you are the only one to know who you are. The objectives of “good” astronauts are creative – they solve puzzle and work hard. The “bad” ones try to spoil everything, kill the “good” ones, and break the equipment. After someone is being killed, all players gather to vote for a murderer and decide which of you is going to be punished. You can vote for anyone, even yourself. Get ready for something really unusual and have fun in this unique game!