Alphabet Lore Games

If you closely follow Youtube trends and are aware of everything that is happening on this video platform, you surely know about Alphabet Lore. This series of short videos hit the web recently and immediately became a great success. To the point where multiple online games appeared based on the concept. Here you will find these games and will be able to check them out!
Are these letters actually alive?

Each of Alphabet Lore characters is more than just a letter. He (or she) has his (or her) own style of moving, talking, generally behaving. And also personality traits. That's one of the reasons these games are so good for kids that are just learning to read. Playing them, the little ones will remember all the letters much better than in boring classes. After all, each of the symbols is a living creature and it's so fun to watch them! In Alphabet Lore games, you will be doing all sorts of things in the company of these charming heroes. Most of the times, you will have to solve some kind of puzzles and find various objects. The entire setting, art style and of course the characters themselves are taken from the videos. So it will be much like watching them all over again, only this time you will actually be able to directly participate in everything that's going on!

Bright colors, easy gameplay, lots of fun!

Games dedicated to Alphabet Lore are colorful, simple and entertaining. They will allow you to relax and unwind in the end of the day, spend a nice time doing something interesting on your computer or smartphone and of course once again plunge into the vibrant and a little bit bizarre world they come from. Start playing right now and show these games to your kids!

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