Simtower Windows 10

Game description:

Building Skyward in SimTower for Windows 10

SimTower for Windows 10 invites players to architect and manage a towering skyscraper, tasking them with constructing a vertical metropolis from the ground up. In this simulation game, players decide the layout and contents of their building, placing apartments, offices, shops, and elevators to create a functional and profitable structure. Each decision impacts the tower's efficiency and the happiness of its tenants. Players must tackle the challenges of balancing residential comfort with the demands of commercial space, all while ensuring smooth transportation and amenities across dozens of floors.

Strategic Management and Expansion

As the tower grows, the complexity of managing it increases. Players face logistical challenges that include security, maintenance, and emergency services, which become more demanding as the building reaches skyward. Elevator management is crucial; poorly planned elevator routes can lead to tenant dissatisfaction and reduced income. Advanced levels introduce more sophisticated elements such as the need for recycling facilities, larger utility capacities, and premium amenities to attract high-paying tenants. Success in SimTower is measured by the building's star rating, which advances as players optimize their tower's design and operations, ultimately striving for the prestigious five-star rating and the construction of a penthouse.


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