Adam and Eve Games

Do you know what is the first love story to ever unfold on earth? Of course, the one of Adam and Eve! And it's no wonder Adam got so worried after they were cast out of paradise and right down to earth apart from each other. Luckily, our hero is no wimp and he is about to go searching for her no matter how long it takes!

Adam And Eve: Cut The Ropes


Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

This series of games is dedicated to Adam's adventures as he roams and explores a big new world looking for his beloved. On his way, he is going to face a lot of obstacles and dangers. Earth is very different from the careless safety of heavens - it's full of threats our character doesn't know about yet. At any moment he can fall off a cliff or in a pit, end up tumbling down into the abyss or get bitten and scratched by wild animals. He must be brave, strong and smart to cope with all these challenges. Controlling your hero, you will be crossing rivers and deserts, traveling over high mountains and through thick woods. You will also meet all kinds of creatures and characters that can turn out to be your best friends or most dangerous enemies. 
However, all these hardships are worth it because in the end Adam will reunite happily with his Eve. Each game consists of multiple levels with growing difficulty to keep you from getting bored and bring up the tension as you make your way through various locations packed with perils you have to overcome and puzzles you have to solve.  Prepare for a lot of trials waiting for you ahead as you play Adam and Eve games online!

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