Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 2

Game description:

Welcome to one of the creepiest stealth horrors of the last century. You are going to meet the neighbor – just a regular guy, who turns to be not as simple as he seems. Well, the game starts when you find out a strange fact about your neighbor. He has a basement in his house, where he goes late at night. Sometimes, he carries something and you are not sure that he is someone like a mechanic or has a hobby and workshop out there. You believe that you have seen him carrying kidnapped people to that basement! You can swear that the sack he carried was very suspicious! There might be kids out there, just like you are, and you cannot allow anything like that happen. Okay, everything is decided – you are going to find out the truth, no matter how horrible it may be. You will make your way to that basement, no matter how dangerous this will turn to be. 
The game encourages you to take part in a very interesting but complicated story where you are playing for a kid who sneaks into the house of a man who might be a maniac. When you make your first steps inside of his dwelling, you realize that not only he is a maniac, but also a genius inventor. This place is filled with numerous traps, tools, and items that prevent you from moving further that easily. Learn how to deal with his traps, make smarter moves, and solve puzzles. The hard way to the basement is filled with numerous challenges and you will have to tackle them all to win this battle of brains. Also, the neighbor follows you and learns from what you do – he is controlled by the artificial intelligence. This makes the game even more exciting but much more complicated as well. Do your best to deal with all tasks, avoid being caught by the neighbor, and find the way to the basement where a horrible secret is waiting for you to reveal it. Are you already afraid?