2021 Games

The world of online games never stands still. Every year, every month and even every day, there are new titles coming out that make the choice of virtual entertainments even more diverse and exciting. If you like spending time playing games on your PC or smartphone, you just can't go past our incredible 2021 games! They are totally new and hot as burgers right from the frying pan. You can become one of the first people in the web to check them out. And when your friends start discussing these games in a company, you can proudly say that you've already played them!

Black Border: Border Simulator


Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Suicide Mouse v2


FNF: Majin Sonic and Sonic.Exe Sings Chaotic Endless


FNF: Manifest but Every Turn a Different Cover is Used

Brighter, groovier, better!
To keep track of the latest additions to the online game market, you need to learn about all the novelties that are released in time. And this page is a great way to do that! Here we have collected the best and hottest games that have seen the light of the day in 2021. You will find a lot of sequels to famous titles everybody have been waiting for and also some brand new games that just made their debut. In any case, you won't be short of options! 
Gaming technologies keep developing, and this year's releases are living proof of that. You will be glad to see that the graphics and animation in 2021 games has become much better and smoother. Many of them will stun you with amazing 3D visuals and realistic effects. You'll be able to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay and feel like it's actually happening to you rather that simply unfolding on your screen! This is especially true for various simulators that allow you to try any of the things that can only come to your mind in the virtual environment, modern shooters, war and racing games. 
Newest games to any taste!
But even if you are a fan of simple arcades or don't care about the picture at all, you can still find a lot of interesting stuff in this category. Every year, developers come up with concepts and stories that are aimed not only at capturing your attention, but also captivating your very soul. You get so involved with the plot and worry about the characters so much that you want to keep playing just to see what happens next. Many 2021 games have a strong ironic aspect, plunge you into a bizarre surreal atmosphere or raise your mood with sheer craziness. Why do you have to keep playing old titles you already know like the back of your hand when you can try something new and fascinating? Have a taste of what the game makers have prepared for you this year and enjoy every minute!

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